Safe Places To Hide Your Keys

So you lost your key and now you're waiting for the locksmith to come help you into your own house. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about stashing a spare key somewhere on or near your property, so this won't happen again. Follow these tips as you consider possible hiding places for your key.  With a Family Member or Friend Hiding your key with a trusted neighbor or friend has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Home Appraisal 101: Determining a Home's Value

Before a mortgage lender can determine a loan amount on a home, they must determine that home's value. In order to do this, an objective appraisal must be performed by a professional who uses a number of factors to calculate what a house is actually worth. What are the main points that a professional appraiser is looking for in a home when they decide on a final appraised value? Read on to find out.

Selling Your Home? Simple Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Protecting your investment is one of the reasons you should maintain the value of your home. But the value of your home is very important if you are thinking about selling your property. The following guide will help increase the value of your home without emptying your wallet.  Add a Splash of Color A home that looks dated does not appeal to new home buyers. This does not necessarily mean you have to remodel your entire home, as that can be costly.

Tips For Staying Organized During The House Hunting Process

Between meeting with realtors, going over your budget again and again, and deciding if you really do need that second bathroom, house hunting can be pretty overwhelming. To ensure the process does not get completely out of hand, use these tips to keep yourself organized. Keep a running list of homes you're considering. You can set this up in a spreadsheet or on paper – whichever you prefer. List each house on its own line, and then next to it, denote its status.

4 Renovation Projects That Will Sell Your Home Fast

When it comes time to sell their home, many people look around and realize that it looks a little shabby. In fact, if you have lived there for a considerable time, it may also be significantly out of date. While embarking on intensive home renovations isn't high on anyone's list of leisure activities, it can really pay off in attracting buyers. However, not all home improvements will result in a higher selling price.