Tips For Staying Organized During The House Hunting Process

Between meeting with realtors, going over your budget again and again, and deciding if you really do need that second bathroom, house hunting can be pretty overwhelming. To ensure the process does not get completely out of hand, use these tips to keep yourself organized.

Keep a running list of homes you're considering.

You can set this up in a spreadsheet or on paper – whichever you prefer. List each house on its own line, and then next to it, denote its status. The following statuses will apply to houses you're considering:

  • Saw listing; must contact realtor about this home
  • Have contacted realtor; appointment is scheduled to view this home
  • Viewed this home; did not like it
  • Viewed this home; considering putting in an offer
  • Viewed this home; put in an offer and it was rejected
  • Viewed this home; offer is being considered

Instead of writing out these statuses, make up a symbol for each one, and then create a key so you can quickly look back and see what each symbol means. Update your spreadsheet or paper file every time you visit a home, make an offer, call the realtor, or find a new home you want to look at.

Keep a house hunting binder.

If you're the kind of person who typically does everything on the computer, staying organized when house hunting can be a challenge because you're typically given a lot of paperwork. Instead of grumbling about failure to "get with the times," recall your elementary school days and keep everything organized in a binder. Good sections to denote in your binder with dividers include:

  • Financial paperwork (such as loan approval letters and copies of your credit statement)
  • Paperwork that you're in the process of filling out
  • Paper advertisements and pictures of homes
  • Realtor information

Spend some time getting organized with your partner.

House hunting with a partner can get particularly messy from an organization standpoint. You put some paperwork in one place, and then your partner moves it to another. You think your partner called the agent about a home, but your partner thinks you were going to do it. To stay on top of the process, spend just 10 – 15 minutes every couple of days organizing the house hunting-related items with your partner. Agree who will call the realtor about certain things, and write it down. Work on your binder. Update your spreadsheet. The whole process is a lot simpler when you stay on the same page.

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