Find The Surprising Places Where Bed Bugs Hide

If you've been fighting a losing battle against bed bugs, chances are they are hiding somewhere in your home. Reinfestation can occur if you fail to eradicate them completely or if they keep getting brought in from outside. Find out the little pests' hiding places so you can finally be free of them forever.

Storage Areas

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere during the day, including nesting sites that aren't even in the bedroom. If you have boxes of stored items, especially clothing and linens, in a basement, closet or attic, it's time pull everything out and give it a thorough cleaning.

Wash stored clothing and linens and dry on the hottest setting possible to destroy the critters. Cardboard boxes can also harbor bed bugs, so switch out your boxes for plastic storage totes. If you travel often, seal suitcases in plastic bags upon your return so you don't unknowingly reinfest your home.

In the Walls

Walls can harbor bed bugs, especially in heavily infested rooms. When looking for bed bug activity, check behind headboards and picture frames. The pests often hide in these dark locations during the day. Small cracks, peeling plaster, or damaged wall paper can also provide a good hiding area.

Keep your walls and baseboards in good repair. Seal up any cracks with caulk or patching compound, and then repaint over it. The fewer places they have to retreat, the more likely that your exterminator can destroy them all.

Your Closet

The clothing and shoes in your closet make an especially attractive place for a bed bug to hide. Make sure you launder everything after an infestation. Store seasonal clothing in plastic totes so they are safe from an infestation.

Kids' closets often hold more than clothing. Stuffed animals and other soft toys can become a hiding place for the pests. These also need thorough laundering and should be stored in sealed plastic bins when your child isn't playing with them.

Beyond Your Home

Look for patterns if you keep getting reinfested. Did you just go on a trip or have a visitor? College dorms, hotels, cruise ships, and other people's homes could be the source of the reinfestation. If each bed bug infestation occurs shortly after you have a visitor or go on a trip, the pests may be coming in from an outside source. Identify the source so you can prevent future outbreaks.

An exterminator, such as Best Control Pest Control Ltd, can help you come up with a viable plan for eradicating these pests for good, but you will need to follow all their advice and stay vigilant.