Preparing For Your Move: Organization Tips

If you will be moving to a new home shortly, you most likely have a lot of loose ends to tie up in order to get your belongings taken care of properly. You will need to do a bit of organizing and packing so that everything fits into the moving truck compactly and safely.

Here are some ideas for you to use to organize and pack your items for your move:


You will want to sort through your items and figure out which things you no longer want or need so that you do not waste space by bringing them along. Figure out which things you would like to donate to various businesses or people in the area. You can drop off books to a library and bring clothes to a thrift store. If there are any items that you want other family members to have, you can give them away now. 

Some items may be better off being sold for a profit. You can use the money to help with your moving expenses. Set these aside and hold a yard sale in the weeks before your move. You can donate anything that does not sell.

Rent a dumpster to throw away any items you know no one will want. You can see if a waste removal company has a recycling service, as well. If not, you may need to track down a recycling center to get rid of these items.


When packing, use sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins for housing smaller items. You can color-code these containers using colored packing tape or colored index cards. Use different colors depending on which room of your new home you wish the container to end up in. This will make things a lot easier when unpacking. Use red tape on a box that needs to be unpacked right away. This will help you locate very important items in a hurry.

Disassemble any larger pieces of furniture to make more room in the moving truck. You can wrap breakable items in bubble wrap and towels or blankets. Place these inside drawers of dressers or cabinets to help keep them from being jostled around inside the moving truck.


You may want to think about hiring an auto shipping company to bring any vehicles to your new home. If you have more than one vehicle, you may not have enough drivers available to drive. An auto shipping company can haul your vehicle safely while saving it from wear and tear from making the drive.

For more help, contact a company like Meyers Transportation Logistics with your questions.